“Unkle” Steve says… Bring Your Dancing Shoes & Get Ready for INSANITY AT VANITY! 6/18/14

I’m awed every single time that someone brings up a discussion about the Drunk Unkles. It happens often, at all kinds of events, meetings, casual conversations, what have you. It never ceases to amaze me that something that was born out of sadness has become such a significant annual industry event, earning a good deal of money in support of the Foundation along the way.

I am even more surprised that we are just wrapping up our 9th year with the NSCA Education Foundation – and it will be a big wrap-up party that’s for sure. With an anticipated attendance of over 1,200 we are on target to make this night absolutely the largest independent event in Las Vegas this year for our industry – and at no cost to our guests.

Never before have we or any other entity in the industry created something like this, never, nobody. The event is totally manufacturer independent and we actually work hard at inviting competitive Manufacturers and Integrators as sponsors. And you know something, they all play nice.

This year, we are providing promotion for our sponsors as opposed to just a Hug from a random Drunk Unkle or Drunk Aunt along the way. We’ve posted for them, tweeted for them, Linked them in, up and around and treated them the way that they should be – like VIP’s. We’ve got giveaways and prizes – Last year we auctioned off a signed drum head, this year we have really amped things up and are GIVING AWAY a brand new guitar amongst a couple of other baubles.

Earlier this year we supported what I would call the ‘Re-ignition’ of a WAVE Northeast Chapter – something that I think was well overdue, and for that matter in years gone past we were one of the first organizations to step up to work with WAVE.
And yes, we have raised over $100,000 for the NSCA Education Foundation this year, bringing our total fundraising efforts to something north of $700,000. Can you imagine what next year will bring when we present our 10th anniversary party?
Indeed, I am very proud to have been able to find a niche within the audiovisual global community where I personally could make a difference. Thanks for your support.