Felix Robinson

The Drunk Unkles feature Felix Robinson on keys, guitar and vocals. A former recording artist, studio owner, songwriter and bassist from platinum-selling 70’s and 80’s rock bands, Felix is known these days to the AV industry as AVI-SPL’s Vice President of Enterprise Accounts and Consultant Relations for Domestic and International Offices.

In his rebrand from professional rock musician to AV executive, Felix navigated all facets of systems contracting from the draft and design of systems to the installation and commissioning.  As a successful business owner, he then went on to found a New York based integration business, which led to his role as general manager and VP for then SPL. After the merger with AVI, Felix was promoted to VP and now handles enterprise accounts and consultant relations for domestic and international offices.erprise Accounts and Consultant Relations.

As a leader in business and in music, Felix pushes the Drunk Unkle’s to play quality music and provide top notch entertainment. He never takes practice or a show lightly, and he is adamant when it comes to getting the set right. He plays to perform and enjoys the music and the camaraderie of fellow musicians that take their craft seriously, but not TOO seriously.