Honorary Unks & Aunts & Friends

In an industry filled with talented musicians, many who finally realized they needed a day job to pay the bills, many Drunk Unkle events provide an opportunity for invited friends of the band to join the group on stage for a number or two. Celebrating the mission of the band, Drunk Unk friends…Honorary Unks & Aunts enjoy their time on stage and we thank them for their support. Special recognition to the following:

Chuck Wilson – a Lifetime Honorary and Grand Drunk Unkle – good at herding kittens and pulling things out of his hat, and other people’s hats.  By day, Executive Director of the NSCA and the NSCA Education Foundation and at all other times a true master of many things and the reason we do what we do.  He is a tremendous visionary and all around nice guy – just remember you got to watch out for the quiet ones…

Louie ‘Nice Pants’ Appel – Acclaimed musician and close friend of the Drunk Unkles – in spite of his significant self would magically appear behind the drums from time to time and growl such wisdom as ‘Nice Pants’ or with a well aimed drumstick that somehow always arrived in the middle of your back, quaintly remind you to stop f**king around and just play the song.  We miss your wisdom every day (www.louieappel.com).


Honorary Unkles – Jeff Fink, Todd Peden, Ken Graven, Glenn Mack, Charlie Castro, Tom Licamelli, Tom Hardhart, David Resnick, Kevin Arscott, Scott Duryea and John Cardone.

Honorary Aunts – Mimi Kaplan

Of the band “groupies” – or rather our “Support Infrastructure” on and off the road, we thank you from the bottom of our empty Tequila bottles:

Mike Sinclair – Audio Incorporated – the BEST sound engineer on the planet

Rooster for keeping the drummer’s stuff together.

The NSCA Education Foundation, Board of Directors and Staff