The $50,000 Question

If you had the chance to give the NSCA Education Foundation $25,000 – would you???

Well you can! Shure Incorporated (who has long believed in being a good corporate citizen) and has made an amazing offer to the NSCA Education Foundation. They challenged the Foundation to get all of their supporters to contribute funds totaling $25,000 and if they did, they will match it!

The funds raised by the NSCA Education Foundation will be used to further advance the skills of individuals in the commercial electronic systems industry.

This is one of those cases where every little bit helps and manufacturers, dealers, integrators of all sizes can contribute and collectively make a huge impact in the good deeds of the Foundation.

Indeed Shure has raised the bar and with so many students entering this industry, the work of The Foundation has become even more important. The money raised will be used to create two new programs for those attending the NSCA Best Practices Conference series. Additionally, the Foundation is doubling the number of Vaughan scholarships for BLC2014 and is creating new efforts that will increase mentorship and internships for students entering the industry.

Wouldn’t it make YOU feel good to make this happen! Think about the fame, the glory, your name up in lights….and a lot of people really thankful that you cared enough to give back to the industry that YOU work in and believe in.

Shameless blog plug now…to make your pledge today and help the NSCA Education Foundation provide scholarships and for existing professionals and those pursuing careers within the low-voltage electronic systems integration industry click here. Get more details by calling NSCA at 800.446.6722.