A Birthday at the NSCA’s BLC

Early morning travel on your birthday is a little bit odd. Typical for me, I was up late the night before packing until well after midnight, because, like in life, there were just too many other things to do during the last few days and hours before my trip. So, around 1AM I fell into bed, with a whopping three hours before my 4:15AM wake up call to get a 5AM car to the airport. Going to bed so late and being up so early, did not leave the people in my life much chance to utter happy birthday. In fact, I actually forgot about it myself, until my facebook updates and a few text messages reminded me.

I am traveling to my very first NSCA Business Leadership Conference (BLC) and I could not be more excited. An industry event that integrators, manufacturers, dealers, consultants and other AV professionals just KNOW they need to attend. Inside scoop says that no one will be disappointed as the folks at NSCA have planned an amazing conference with a lineup that focuses on real issues that impact businesses today.

The BLC kicks off with a fundraising charity golf outing on Thursday, February 27 which benefits the NSCA Education Foundation and which was made possible by AMAZING sponsors like Accu-Tech (Exclusive Event Sponsor), Chief (Lunch & Reception/Dinner Sponsor), Harmon (Lunch Sponsors), CSI (Beverage Cart Sponsors), and Kramer – Canada & Honeywell (Hole Sponsors), West Penn Wire (Rodeo Sponsor) . That evening, the kick off reception welcomes veterans and first-timers to the BLC and sets the stage for the great days ahead.

Hitting it hard on Friday, February 28th a high-achieving culture. Discussions continue throughout the day and will address theories for creating higher profits, the “Carrot Principle,” and a look at the integrator of the future. Day 2 will bring a full day discussing the top issues influencing your business, a keynote on selling and moving others to make a buying decision and a beer and bull workshop that will open the forum for what is working and what is not within the industry. The closing reception on Saturday night is always a great evening of camaraderie and entertainment and this year the dinner features comedian Frank King.

As I fly into a world of people that may not know it is my birthday, I still think that the choice to go today of all days was a good one. After all I am getting up to those years that we don’t mind “skipping” a birthday and as a marketing entrepreneur in the AV industry, I can’t think of a better place to build on the skills I need to build my business as I work with other businesses in AV. So I say, happy birthday to me and if you happen to be by the bar come happy hour, I like fine tequilas straight up with fresh lime.