Giving Birth to the Drunk Unkles’ Website

The Website Rocket Launches – No fooling

Launching a website is a bit like giving birth. You get excited about the thought….and the seed of an idea grows. You start dreaming about what it will be able to do, and then you set out to make it as healthy and robust as it can be. You craft a site plan, you think about what you want it to look like, what you want it to say, you think about the home page impact, the photos you want to include, the links you want to share, and slowly you build a platform that becomes a virtual brain trust.

As the days get closer to launching you think about the little details, like spell check and hyperlinks, and you start to wonder if your message will be perceived the way you intended it. You hope against hope that what you meant to be insightful, or funny, or otherwise meaningful hits that target and that nothing you do offends, dismays or confuses your audience. You consider so many things, and you get so excited about the launch…and then you hesitate.

You start to realize that once launched, this cyber bank of brain matter and all of the information and data you built into it is now unleashed to the world. In some way, shape or form, the site is cached and your first impression will be made. One and done and you make your indelible mark on the world wide web.

We think that all eyes are watching. But the reality is that until you announce your site, pay someone to advertise it, or promote the hell out of it, your URL and web page may be a lonely oasis waiting for a chance passerby.  Like a child, you have to give that site attention, and lots of it. You need to drive traffic to it, teach people how to work with it and pump it up and coax it along while creating enthusiasm and buzz so that it has the best chance to really be something when it grows up.

Today marks the official birth of the Drunk Unkles website. Live, long and prosper my child, you’ve got an amazing set of brothers and sisters to hang with.

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