Drunk Unkles: Seems Like Only Yesterday …

FinalDrunkUnclesLogoIt’s almost impossible for me to believe that 2015 marks the 10th year of the Drunk Unkles’ partnership with the NSCA Education Foundation. What started as a simple night of music has turned into a major annual fundraiser for our foundation.

For those unfamiliar with the Drunk Unkles band, you can check out the cast of characters, along with the history of the group, here.

I have the pleasure of being a promoter, agent, and big fan of this talented crew. Early on, I remember hinting to my new friends about possibly changing the band’s name to something more appealing for our conservative board members – but now I wouldn’t change a thing about these wonderful musicians.

But I bet there are a few things you may not know about the Drunk Unkles and this annual fundraiser.

Every party has a purpose. This band of industry professionals has serious musical skills … and a big heart. You may know these guys as your industry peers (indeed they are). I’ve also gotten to know them as people who are willing to share their time and talents to build a better industry. The funds raised by the Drunk Unkles go directly toward helping young men and women find their way into the world of systems integration.

You also may not know that, over the years, we’ve helped with college funds for family members of colleagues who passed away, as well as for causes we all care deeply about. In the last 10 years, I estimate that we have raised right around $1million for a variety of purposes – all benefitting people beyond the band members. That’s an incredible journey, in my opinion, and I’m so thankful for all six of the Drunk Unkles.

Do me one favor today. Visit the NSCA Education Foundation website and read about the upcoming 10th anniversary gig on June 17. Then print off an invitation if you’ll be able to attend. And then do one more thing: Watch this short video. It will help you understand why I’m so very proud of my Drunk Unkles.